Solar Sales & Services


Solar Sales & Services

“Go green energy, save planet earth” Larso power have that solution in our vast solar experience by utilizing and harvesting solar energy being in a continent that have more than 5 hours in a day, 365 days of potential sun.

Sales, installation, maintenance of;

Solar PV systems

  • Poly from 80 watts to 300 watts
  • Mono from 80 watts to 300 watts

Hybrid Solar Systems

On/off grid hybrid systems from 2 kw to 12 kw and above


  • Inverter chargers from 500 watts to 10 kw pure sinewave.
  • Inverter dc to ac from 150 watts to 2 kw

Solar Battery

  • Solar battery ( 12 vdc )
  • From 100 AH to 200 AH

Charge Controllers

  • From 12,24,48 vdc
  • Watts from 10 amps to 80 amps.

N/B : We have both MPPT & PWM

Integrated Solar Wall Lights

  • 3,6,12 watts with motion sencer solar wall lights.
  • 5 watts without motion sensor wall light.
  • Application: on/off auto lights from dawn to dust.

Integrated Solar Flood light.

All in one flood light solar powered.

Application: super bright with auto switch on/off and lights dawn to dust.

Power Packup

No need to worry of blackouts any more we have a solution for you depending with your power need, we design and install backup systems that suits your load from 1 kw to 12 kw and above.

Solar Water Heating

  • Flat panel: direct/open loop system, indirect/closed loop system.
  • Heat pipe: pressurized system, non-pressurized system.
  • From 100 liters to 300 liters.

Solar Powered Refrigerators/Freezers

  • Size from 230 liters to 430 liters

Solar Water Pumps

  • Submersible pumps
  • Surface pumps
  • Irrigation pumps

N/B: we have both Ac and Dc pumps.

Stand Alone Solar Street Lights.

Application: on/off automatically and from dawn to dust.

Integrated Solar Street Lights

24, 36, 60 watts all in one.

Application: stand alone with auto switch on/off from dawn to dust.

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